Brasil Tour Pics

in the front of Destroyer Rec Shop with Bruno of EVOKERS

in the front of SEPULTURA fan club with the president

Holocausto gig

Studio Pics

Various Pics

Pascal, Guyome, Joaness, Flo - 2003
(Mouzay , gig with Deep Vein & Pyopoesy)

NAP Studio, November 2003

Heerenveen, September 2005

Kevin, Guyome, Bury, Renaud
sitting : Michal & his girlfriend!
(mini tour 2002 in Ostrava ,
michal's (Carnal Diafragma) home)

Michal's Girlffriend, Kevin, Joaness,
Bury, Renaud, Michal.

PxFx , Disgured Corpse et Malignant Tumour (Loches - 28 April 2002)

Bilos (MxTx) and
Joaness (PxFx)

Bilos (MxTx) and
Guyome (PxFx)

Boulogne/mer - July 2002

Boulogne/mer - July 2002

Brno Friend - July 2002

Infernal Café , Calais in 2002
Guyome, Kevin, Joaness

PxFx + Byatis + Cédric
(Infernal Café boss)

Guyome, Joaness, Cédric,
Reno, Kevin

From left to right :
Joaness (PxFx) , Seb , Julien (Happy Face) , Keisuke (Vomit Remnants) & Guyome (PxFx)

Petr in Brno