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Yanosh - guitar
Renaud - bass
Adrien - vox
Guyome - drums / vomiting growls / guitar / backing vox


......Pulmonary Fibrosis started in July 1998 as a 2 piece ligne-up , Renaud-drums & Guyome-guitar/vox !
The line-up changed a lot since the beginning. Lot of demo ; compilations ; ep & other split has been released till now !!!
The line-up was stable in 2002 with Pascal-vox ; Joaness-guitargh & Guyome-drums/vomiting growls !
Unfortunely , the 9 July 2006 Pascal commit suicide !!!!! Family , members , friends & metal scene was very shocked 
about this bad news !!!!! September 2006 , Yanosh join the band as main vokills & perpetuate the tradition !!!......

..The band played lots of shows across Europe in country like Belgium , Holland , Slovakia , Czech Republic , Germany , Spain ,
Portugal & also a Brazilian tour in 2006 . Pulmonary Fibrosis shared the stage with bands like :Morgue , Internal Suffering , 
Sanatorium , Cerebral Turbulency , Malignant Tumour , Alienation Mental , Ahumado Granujo , Bolt Thrower , Agathocles , 
Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition , Dead Infection & lots more ….. ....

..The 1st album "Organ Maggots" was recorded in November 2005 & release the 6 June 2007 by Last House On The Right Records
(U.S.A.) . This release contains 21 traxx , recorded by the VAGINAL PURULENCE singer & mastered by Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer ,
Suffocation , Nile ...) . Nasal Nauseous Vomit Liquid Grind Gore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. ....

..The year 2008 was full of activities , we had a great tour in July with shows in Italy with Ultimo Mondo Cannibale & Dr Gore , few shows in Slovakia organized by Mirik of Pyopoesy together with Crusade Of Fanatism & we finish this week at the 10 years of the Obscene Extreme Fest in Czech Republic . In September we had to continue without Joaness because of personal problem , so we moved in Brazil in October as a 2 pieces (Guyome & Yanosh) & touring together with the german grinders Attack Of The Mad Axeman & few other great bands & friends . This tour was awesome , better than the first one & still lots of surprise , Yanosh had a moshpit accident in Divinopolis & Guyome had to sing & played drums for the 3 last shows !! Back from our 2nd Brazilian tour , we worked with the new line-up , who is the actual one : Yanosh / Adrien / Renaud / Guyome .......

..2009 started with a great fest in Spain , the Porno Gore Garri fest in Barcelona . The crowd was really great & few french friends of us came to have fun with us , that was really great . In February a show at the "SAS" in Délemont in Switzerland was plan & we had another great time with the great doom band Lord Of The Grave . Actualy , we still work on new songs , the split mcd with Gutslit is out now on Cataleptic Remains Prod . In July we organized 2 shows with the mexican goregrinders of Oxidised Razor , amazing people & sick grind shows , muchas gracias amigos ;-) Few weeks later we came to Vaals in Holland , Fred of Punished Earth organized a great fest with his band , Keitzer , Captain Cleanoff , The Bitch In The Van & few other great ones . Also our freinds Nils & Jan of Agathocles came to drink some beer & had some great time with the security haha :-) After few months of hard work , we finally got our visas for our "October Pus" tour , it started the 24 October in Banska Bystrica (Slovakia) , we played a great show in Kiev (Ukraine) & then started our russian trip . We visited some Voronezh , Moscow , Ivanovo , Kostroma & Saint Petersburg for the Petrogrind fest 6 . We toured with great bands & really nice people of Dehydrated , Crusade Of Fanatism , Obliterate , Inhumate , Purulent Jacuzzy & many more . Around 10000 kms on one week for one of our best tour ever , russian people fucking rules , thanx a lot ;-) We finally finished this year of 2009 by the Butchery At Christmas Time Fest X in Guarda (Portugal) , people was great as always in Portugal , we celebrate also the birthday of the Commando Xuxu (we love you girls) , also muito obrigado por Simao e R.D.B. ;-) ......

2010 is already started & Alarma records (Mexico) just released the tribute to LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY , get in touch with us or Joel directly to have your copy & listen our coverversion , your feedback are still welcome ;-) This year is also concentrate on the recording of our 2nd album & some other splits , but we had some opportunity & the one to play at the Underground Blast fest at the "Heretic" of Bordeaux has been just great , we shared the stage with Desecrator , VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxCx from Austria , Gore & Carnage from Mexico & many more bands on this 2 grinding days , thanx again to Fred & Nico for this great fest ;-) The 2nd album "called "Interstitial Lung Deseases" has been recorded between february & july , the artwork is already draw by Luisma (Haemorrhage) & the mixing has start in the hands of Jack (Mesrine) . Mierdas Prod will release the cd version will be out on 30 January 2011 , the Lp version will follow on Cataleptic Remains Prod . October was great enough , with shows in Niort with Deep Vein , show in Maldegem (elgium) with Anal Penetration , Intumescence , Mucus , Last Days Of Humanity & that was a relly great show . On December we played at the Lille Grindfest 1 together with Anal Penetration , Jesus Crost , Sylvester Staline , A Den Of Robbers , Leng Tch'e & few other great bands , LDOH cancelled their coming !!!

30 January 2011 , the 2nd full lenght album "Interstitial Lung Disease" has been release by Mierdas Prods (Mexico) , 40 minutes of goregrind , with a sick cover of Luisma from Haemorrhage . The promoting tour for this new album started in February , under the name of "Mexican Lung Diseases Tour" . Some great shows in Pachuca , Mexico DF , Tula , Orizaba , Puebla , Tulancingo & Edo. de Mexico . The tour was insane , crazy crowd & great people . We shared the stages with some great bands such as Beheading , Gore & Carnage , Oxidised Razor , Maniac , Cronophago , PxNxSx , Pigtails/TxPxFx & many more . Muchas Gracias amigos & hope to see you all very soon ;-) PxFx played also at the Brutologos fest in Palencia (Spain) , together with Baptized in Vaginal Liquid ; Carnivore Diprosopus ; Grog ; Gore & Carnage ; Rato Raro , R.D.B. & many more . PxFx appeared at the 2nd edition of the Underground Blast Fest 2 in Bordeaux (France) , they shared the stage with Fubar , Infest , Iron Batasuna , A Den of Robbers , Xaros & many more . On september PxFx started a one month tour in south america , playing around 17 shows in Brazil , Argentina & Chile , proud for being the first european goregrind band to play in Argentina & Chile . The world tour 2011 for the support of the 2nd album is done , some new recordings will be out in 2012 , as well together with few shows . 

First PxFx show in 2012 was at the Underground Blast Fest 3 on 14 april together with Department of Correction , Defecal of Gerbe , Unsu , Eating Shit , Dehuman , Whoresnation , Repulsione , Atara & Agathocles . The mixing process for the split cd w/Satan's Revenge on Mankind started & will be release by Mierdas Prod (Mexican version) & Low B Rec (German version) . Finally reunited with our brothers from Sao Paulo (Brazil) Plague Rages , we shared the stage with them in Poitiers on 10 july with a fast show , a video shoot has been done by "make some noise" . On 27 , 28 & 29 july , PxFx has been invited by the team of the Ont Grind'u Fest , first time in Lithunania in the borders of the Baltic sea was totally awesome . We shared the sage with crazy & great bands such as Hemispherectomy , Zmogedra , Stormgrey , Oboltred , Afonia & Farsas . On the road again on 24 & 25 august to play at the Grindstock fest in Ceske Budejovice (Czech Republic) with Uchazim & But ; & at the Fekal Party Fest 14th edition with lots of great bands such as Agathocles ; Onanizer ; BBYB ; Nuclear Vomit ; Jig-Ai & many more . Now the recordings of many split are on the way , some stuff will be release & other are available . The end of 2012 has been full of work , cretaeing new songs for new splits , recordings & a show at the Heretic Club in Bordeaux (France) with Embryopathia , Foetal Ijury & Mentally Murdered in December . The 3 way split cd w/Hyperemesis / Hypermenorrea ,3 way split cd w/Menningococcemia Fecal / Bbarbapapa Butchery & the "Noisy & Nasty Ways to Make Santa Suffer" compilation o Infected Toilet Records has been released . We also started the recording process of the song "Unrest" for the tribute to Disrupt available in 2013 on Power-I-Up Records (Germany) .

Here we are in 2013 , we will celebrate our 15 years of existence with some shows together with our brothers of Embryopathia , see you on the road !!!! Our European tour will hit France, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy & UK. Here we are, our 15 years anniversary tour is over, we would like to thanx all promoters, friends & crowd from Italy, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Spain & Uk. We've got lot of great times through this year 2013, we had some bad moments as well, but we mostly had great partys with everyone. See you soon for more gore grind attack, cheers!!!!! 

2014 started already & it there is some good news, the split ep with AGATHOCLES has been released by different label who coproduct it & lot of other releases will follow. It will be also the year for the 3rd album, so be patient for more goregrind themes!!! The recording of the third album finally started on 22 july & it will another sick release. Next to this 3rd album, many releases are on the way, releases & recording as well. The split 7" Ep with SPERMBLOODSHIT & the tribute to BLOOD are finally out. May & November was the time to be back in Spain & Germany for some great shows too

In 2015, some new releases was available like the split tape w/ HYPOPROTHROMBINEMIA, 3" split EP w/SHITFUN, the DEAD INFECTION Spanish & Mexican tribute & the 4way split CD w/EMBRYOPATHIA / SULSA / VULGAROYAL BLOODHILL on Obliteration Records. It was also the time for the Japanese tour with EMBRYOPATHIA & SULSA, 3 insane shows in Tokyo & Nagoya with VULGAROYAL BLOODHILL, PATISSERIE & many more; Naru of Obliteration Rec/BUTCHER ABC/CSSO managed a lot of things together. The 3rd album was mixed/mastered in Quebec by Jack Production (MESRINE/BOMBNATION) in july, the draws was made by Luisma (HAEMORRHAGE) & Tos (THE BOTTLE DOOM LAZY BAND) did the artwork, it will be finally out in 2016 on Rotten Roll Rex Records.

2016 started with a show in Poitiers with our friends of PUNCH DRUNK (ex-NO COMPROMISE) for the "Ca Va Saigner Du Clu" 2nd edition, festival done by our friend Cyril from TREPANATOR/THE LAST TOMB/(ex-DEEP VEIN). As all years we are going to do our annual show in Bordeaux (France) at the "Void" (ex-Heretic), together with our friends from GRINDER BUENO, GxOxRxE & others. In may we were back in Angoulême (France) to play with our old friends YATTAI & other bands, the first appearance of our new singer Simon (Grinder Bueno / Geriatric Slaughter & more) to replace Adrien. We had lot of fun & it was great to be back after almost 10 years. In this month we was also invited to play at the "Moshfest 2" in Montpellier, together with our friends from S.A.T.A.N., SEEKING OF THE TRUTH, BENIGHTED & DISCHARGE. The crowd was the most insane we've met in France, thanx a lot to the Moshteam for this crazy event. In July we booked a one week tour with Embryopathia & did lot of great shows in Portugal & mosty Spain. The singer for that tour was Fred from GxOxRxEx & others noisy project from Bordeaux. We started at the Xxxicken Party Fest in Portugal with great bands such as Carnivore Diprosopus, Prisoner 639, Rectal Smegma, Katalepsy & many more. Then we moved to Spain & did the whole week with our Mexican friends from Urtikaria Anal & our friends from Basque Country Mutilated Judge. An awesome week from the far north west to the south, playing with Rageous Intent,Bisturi, Kiste Sakro, Sub Rats & the almighty Tu Carne. Bewteen all those great shows, Grindfather Records released our 3 albums on tape, "Organ Maggots"; "Interstitial Lung Diseases" & "Idiopathic Lung Diseases". Our split tape with BOWEL LEAKAGE saw the light through Graboid Of The Ground Rec, Grindfather Records released a new t-shirt & some other tapes like the tape version of our split with ULCERROHEA & the split with VOMITOMA. We ended the year 2016 by playing 2 shows in France, Le Mans & La Rouille together with Chacals, Buzzoff, Wicked Fairy & Riposte. And as well recording 3 cover songs for the tribute to ROMPEPROP on SPLATTER ZOMBIES Records, to WARSORE & to AHUMADO GRANUJO.

We started 2017 with a new recording session, the new songs will appear on different splits late in the year. In february we started our first shows for 2017 & toured with our friends from DEFECAL OF GERBE, we came back to Czech Republic at the Modra Vopice in Praha with GODSFURY, INGROWING & the almighty GENERAL SURGERY; thanx a lot to Filip from the FEKAL PARTY Fest/l'Infantile Collective for this great show. The day after we moved to Jihlava, around 1h30 from Praha to share the stage with the old grinders from AGGRESSIVE TYRANTS & AHUMADO GRANUJO, a really cool event with our friends from AxGx. After sleeping few hours, here we are back to Ostrava 15 years ago after our first coming, this time at the Barrak Club for the GUTTURAL GORE GRIND MAFIA Fest #9 with INGROWING, AHUMADO GRANUJO, GRUNT, SKULLHOG/BILE, GRUESOME STUFF RELISH & many more bands; the crowd was awesome & we had a real pleasure to play those 3 Czech shows. We would like to thanx the Czech cops for being cool with us haha, you're in our top with the Estonian ones. In march we played at the Anthems of Steel fest with our friends of TREPANATOR (ex-DEEP VEIN), DEFENESTRATION & the french old school death metal band MERCYLESS. That was a really show we are proud to shared the stage with this friendly band. April & may was more relax with rehearsals & recordings sessions, but we ended the month of may at the "BRENNE DEAD Fest #2" in St Hilaire sur Benaize on 27 may, a small DIY fest close to our home studio. The line-up at that time was Reno on bass, Fred on guitar, Simon on vocal & Guyome on drums & backing. On 3rd June we were booked for the Shitnoise Fest 7th, together with our friends from BORIS VIANDE, ASSURE & many more. It was a special show as we played on the 3rd edition at Squat du 13 back in 2002 for the last show of our first tour. It was also a special show as the line-up was Fred Quintus on guitar, Simon on vox, Reno on bass & Guyome on drums/vox; Yanosh wasn't able at that time. On 16th June it was also time to take a flight till Croatia were we played on saturday 17th, our first time ever to this beautiful country, we was supposed to play at the Tumida fest on the Split's island, but the promoter disappeared & cancelled the event. The great people from the Metal Klub EKS helped us with a show in their own quarter, we had an awesome week-end with them & celebrated their 26 years anniversary, we also met the austrian thrashers of WILDHUNT. The line-up was once again bizarre, Yanosh wasn't able once again so Reno took the guitar, Fred on vox & Guyome on drums/vox. July started with the a great DIY fest in La Ferme de Mauriac called Violent Apes, it was their 2nd edition & we had the pleasure to came with our friends of THE BOTTLE DOOM LAZY BAND & CORPORAL ABUSE for an exclusive participation with Simon, Laurent & Noizemake. We played around 5am right before the last show of VENGEANCE & finally slept around 7am!!! The 2nd july fest was in Tours at the Riip fest for their 3rd edition & that was really amazing, it was also the first time with the 5 pieces line-up who consisted of Yanosh/guitar; Reno/Bass; Simon & Fred on vox & Guyome/drums. We shared the stage with LENG T'CHE, BLEND on friday & saturday BORN FROM PAIN & the almighty GHOUL killed us with other great bands in the owen place called "Gentiana". August was also very busy, almost each week-end where planned like a great week-end in Belgium & Germany on 4h & 5th, we came as a 3 pieces line-up this time, Reno/guitar; Fred/vox & Guyome/drums/vox. We met & played with our friends from ASSUR, AGATHOCLES, MEATKNIFE? PLASMA & many other bands, amazing week-end as usual in those countries. The next week-end was the time to be back in London (Uk), this time for the awesome & very well know Chimpy fest. We came with EMBRYOPTHIA, Simon took the mic to replace Yanosh in Embryo(he wasn't able due to health problem of his girlfriend). As well the PxFx line-up was Simon/vox; Fred/guitar; Reno/bass & Guyome/drums/vox. We shared the stage with amazing bands such as THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMAN, BIRDFLESH & many more. On week-end of the 24th & 25th, Lukas of STILLBIRTH booked us at the Deathfeast for the 10th year anniversary. The line was the same as the Riip fest & we shared the stage with VITAL REMAINS, CRYPTOPSY & many more. In the beginning of this year our friend Gary from the grindcore french band LARDON commited suicide, on 22th september Antoine & Meidhi, the other members, organized a tribute fest to him invited us. We had a really great time with our friends from UNSU, AxGxIx, SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION & other great bands. The day after was time to go in Belgium for a true metal fest, the No Compromise & it was amazing, lot of booze, not so much sleeping & great bands. On 30th september was the Morg fest organized by our friend Christophe from the VAGINAL PURULENCE (R.I.P.) band & was also the engineer who recorded & mixed our first album "Organ Maggots". The Morg fest took place at the "T'es Rock Coco" in Angers & we shared once again the stage with DEFENESTRATION, the line-up was Simon & Fred on vox, Reno on guitar & Guyome on drums & vox.

Contact : guyomepxfx@hotmail.fr
(c) Pulmonary Fibrosis 2011